The Cultivate for Managers process is a development opportunity for those responsible for the tactics of integrating innovation into an Institution. Our engagement operates in two principal areas: helping you and your team understand the deep dynamics of your approach to faculty – we call this your ‘Signature Process’, and then helping you to develop it to achieve your aspirations. A raft of resources is at our disposal to support you in this quest.

The Process

The Cultivate Learning process for Managers follows the logic of the five thresholds, expressed through two streams, the first a development opportunity for managers, and the second an engagement with the team.

Change Certification Workshop

Change Certification Workshop reflecting upon the implications of subjectivity

Cultivate Certification is a programme for Managers responsible for integrating innovation into their Institution; it has already been delivered face to face residentially, and fully online. The programme uses uniquely designed activities to help you develop a new perspective on your team’s work. We’ll travel to the root of the assumptions behind our current viewpoint and then set them aside to pick up new ways of seeing the team’s work and new opportunities to develop it.


Journaling opens new insights into a team's work and possibilities for the future

We’ll also work with you and your team to discover your group Signature Process. To access the Signature Process in a non-threatening way we use uniquely designed activities to first understand that our opinions and perspectives are separate from our identities. Once we have reached a point where we can hold those subjective viewpoints as an object we reflect upon the each team member’s highest aspirations. This is a fundamental change in perspective. With these two items, the way things are and the way we want them to be, we can help the team identify areas in which it wants to embed the fruit of this new perspective into process and approach to faculty.