The Cultivate for Executives engagement is a consulting programme for Executives who want an holistic, practical, perspective from which to choose and integrate the technologies in their Institution’s bouquet.

The Process

The Cultivate Learning process for Executives follows the logic of the five thresholds.

We work quickly to help Executives put aside their existing perspectives and subjectively sense from the larger whole of the organization. A team from Cultivate then goes into key areas of the Institution to collect data and impressions from faculty practice. This is then rolled into a recommendation of high leverage locations and technologies with which to release teaching and learning change in the form of a number of pilot projects.

After the executive group has reached its decision on the scope of integration we go back into the Institution to work with staff in the streams of pilot project implementation. An holistic integration requires a harmony between technical staff, support staff like technologists and instructional designers, and faculty. We work alongside staff from each of these disciplines to integrate our agreed pilot projects into the Institution. A raft of processes, training and resources are on hand to support this, including those described in the Manager and Practitioners pages.

After the pilot projects are integrated and we’ve understood the result we’ll work further with support staff, and where necessary faculty to continue the spread of teaching and learning change through the Institution.