Blended Learning

Blended LearningWhy should I do it?

Develop teaching and learning outcomes by developing yourself.

Cultivate Blended Learning for lecturers is a professional development opportunity for anyone who works directly with faculty to integrate innovation in order to effect positive teaching and learning change.

The course covers three principal areas: Cultivate Discovery which helps you develop diagnostic processes identifying how to best help academics; Cultivate Active Learning helps you work with academics to introduce positive pedagogical change in a constructive manner; and Cultivate Innovation which helps you develop your consultative approach to faculty.

What are the course objectives?

  • To reflect on and externalise the consultative processes used to engage academics.
  • Engage with concept of active learning through educational technology.
  • Understand and use Gilly Salmon’s E-tivities framework.
  • To discover your own ‘Signature Process’ and its deep motivations and reflect upon how to develop it.
  • Encounter change management input to help you in these tasks from: theorists Lynda Gratton, Otto Scharmer Gilly Salmon and others, and the Cultivate Signature Process we have developed and tested over the past 12 years working with faculty.

What is it?

A blended learning course run over 10 weeks in one semester joining with facilitators and other delegates all passionate about helping faculty achieve teaching and learning growth. 8 weeks will be online, followed by a 1 or 2 day workshopYou’ll need to budget about 5 hours per week in total for the course’s duration.

Who is it for?

All those who work with faculty to help them integrate innovations into their teaching and Learning Practice with the goal of improving the quality of outcomes in the Learning Space. This includes Learning Technologists, Instructional Designers, and other faculty support staff.

Who do I contact:

For more information please contact or call on +27 21 7822993