Rapid Prototyping

Cultivate Rapid PrototypingWhy do it?

This course is designed to help you empower faculty, and liberate your time.

We have seen how educational technologists have been squeezed by a proliferation of technology roll out projects and the consequent demand on their time by faculty needing help to embed them.  At many Institutions we’ve seen a great demand upon educational technologists and instructional designers to do the work of course and activity design for faculty.  This has created enormous pressure, which technologists and designers have had to absorb.

Yet they’ve developed the suspicion that, as experts in their field, they could be using their time more effectively.  To do this though, they must work their way out of the endless cycle of frontline learning activity and course design work.

Cultivate Rapid Learning and Design helps you do just that.

What is it?

Rapid Learning Activity Design is an approach to Activity Design that focuses upon creating rapid iterations of learning activities with lecturers.

Faculty’s creative involvement generates a ‘buy in’ to implement the activity with learners, and gives you their tacit input in designing a highly relevant activity.  These rapid iterations can go from inception to execution in as little as two weeks creating a virtuous circle of implementation to success to next implementation.  And as faculty become more confident in changing their teaching and learning they’ll be able to do more of it themselves, freeing your time up for other projects.

What do you get?

  • Instructors guide to course delivery.  includes presentations and engaging learning activities.
  • Learners guide to course delivery, including all that learners need to participate in the course as well as a selection of resources such as book reviews and links to videos to broaden their understanding of rapid content creation.
  • All the PowerPoint presentations (10+) you need to be able to deliver the training.  These are editable for you to be able to customise the training to your environment and include a space for your branding.
  • Marketing Poster and brochure with which to promote the course
  • Rapid Prototyping Guidebook

Who do I contact:

For more information please contact info@cultivatelearning.com or call on +27 21 785 5689