Consulting for Executives

Cultivate Consulting for ExecutivesWhy do it?

There are now literally thousands of commercial and open source educationally technologies and sources of content to choose from.  We have seen educational technologists’ role stretched under the pressure of feeling they have to master them all in addition to their other responsibilities.  We contend that an endless racing after technologies will result in diminishing returns if it is not coupled to an engagement with the human aspects of change.

Cultivate is an method for helping faculty pursue this teaching and learning change, regardless of the technology.  As it is centered around human change it works with the technology you have, and is equally able to work with any new technology.

What is it?

Cultivate Change is an enterprise wide leadership and management journey to effect qualitative teaching and learning outcomes.  This includes the selection and effective uptake of appropriate educational technologies.  This is facilitated through a tapestry of frameworks including tools and techniques drawn from some of the world’s leading thinkers in human change.  Our cornerstone theoretical framework emanates from research and development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Cultivate Change journey encompasses 5 thresholds:

  1. Letting go of old ways of seeing in order to grasp the new;
  2. Co-sensing: Observe, Observe, Observe. Go to the places of highest potential and listen with your mind and heart wide open;
  3. Sense what is emerging from the whole, the highest leverage/priority points in the system;
  4. Rapid Prototyping those highest leverage/priority solutions or A big score in a short time
  5. Institutionalising Change

What do you get?

A comprehensive consulting engagement which enable you to provoke and cultivate change in your Institution.  This includes work with faculty, technologists, designers, management and executives to help the Institution progress through the 5 thresholds above.  It also includes access to all of the products in the Cultivate range as appropriate to Institutional need.

Who do I contact:

For more information please contact or call on +27 21 785 5689