Change Workshop

Cultivate Consulting for ExecutivesWhy do it?

Genuinely aligning teams of educational technologists and instructional designers is challenging.  The pressures of frontline work with faculty in an environment where support staff’s part is more important than ever leaves little room for pause or reflection.  This is an opportunity to do just that.

What is it?

By expert facilitation we encourage your team to reflect on and discover their deep values and sense of purpose, and how this harmonizes with colleagues and the unit’s direction.  To get the team facing forward together, genuninely, we need to get them facing each other first.  We can then explore of the team’s work together backed by a wealth of resources and tactics from the Cultivate resource set.

What do I get?

A development opportunity for your team over half of a day, hosted locally in your Institution.  This includes an expert facilitator with over 10 year’s experience, plus the resources necessary for the workshop.

Who do I contact:

For more information please contact or call on +27 21 785 5689