Special Projects

Cultivate Consulting for ExecutivesWhy do it?

Great visual explanations are also needed for purposes other than communicating technologies. So if you’re looking for a more engaging way to communicate theory, or want to market your services attractively, or maybe you want to engage academics and peers with some of the problems of deploying educational technologies then this is the place you’ll find the resources.

What is it?

A collection of visual resources not attached to a specific technology, which will help you engage with faculty.  For instance, there are: resources which can help in your consultation process; resources to help identify the pedagogical challenges where technology adoption can most be of help; and resources to get faculty thinking about teaching and learning from the students point of view.

What do you get?

Like the Cultivate annual licence you get a raft of resources including workshop facilitator guides, adoption kits, PowerPoint files, Word Files, beautifully designed maps and diagrams to show tool integration, features and benefits, and more.

Who do I contact:

For more information please contact info@cultivatelearning.com or call on +27 21 785 5689