Cultivate Annual License

Cultivate Consulting for ExecutivesWhy do it?

“Lecturers assimilate the tools much faster.  The conceptualisation of the system requires less work upfront.  Cultivate resources help the lecturers make new discoveries. Something seems to click and it stimulates more creative use of the tool. How could you survive without Cultivate?” Arno Louw Instructional Designer at the University of Johannesburg
Cultivate helps technologists to better express and persuade faculty of the benefits of adopting a technology or change.  Faculty adopt technology more quickly, and gain a better understanding of why they are doing it.  In many cases using a basic Cultivate process can even simply tailor a technology to faculty’s most pressing challenges and aspirations, helping make a personal change to teaching and learning practice stick.

What is it?

Cultivate is a process and asset toolkit to help frontline practitioners get faculty moving on a journey of teaching and learning change.  Supporting principles such as faculty needing to see a personal benefit when choosing to effect a change and, faculty needing to understand where an isolated tool or technology fits into a larger context.  Cultivate resources have been used within South Africa and across the world for half a decade.

What do I get?

A raft of resources including workshop facilitator guides, adoption kits, PowerPoint files, Word Files, beautifully designed maps and diagrams to show tool integration, features and benefits, and more.  All these resources are then provided across the following areas:

  • Virtual Learning Environment/Learning Management System
  • Active Learning Pedagogies
  • ePortfolio
  • 3rd Party Tools
  • Plagiarism Education, Prevention and Detection
  • Web 2.0
  • Object Resource Library

And it’s always growing!  Cultivate operates on a licence basis, this gives you access to all the Cultivate resources and allows us to keep investing in new ones which you then gain access to.  As Cultivate keeps growing so does your capacity to affect teaching and learning change sustainably with faculty.

Who do I contact:

For more information please contact or call on +27 21 785 5689