Every transformative engagement in the Cultivate programme is underpinned by a 5 part process based upon pioneering work by academics at the Massachussets Institute of Technology. This process focuses on the benefit of the innovation in the context of its use. For instance at a Micro level the Cultivate process will focus on the highest leverage ways to improve teaching and learning in the interaction between learner, lecturer and subject.

5 Thresholds of Change

5 Thresholds of Change

Threshold One:

Setting aside our existing ways of analyzing the system we’re working with in order to see the familiar in a new way.

Threshold Two:

Co-Sensing. An openness to absorb the current reality of the system we’re working with in as complete and unedited a way as possible.

Threshold Three:

Collective Presencing. Sensing where the highest leverage points in this system are, and what we see emerging from them.

Threshold Four:

Rapid Prototyping. Build a quick useable prototype and get it tested in the system as soon as possible. In the case of developing a teaching and learning change this can be done in as little as two weeks.

Threshold Five:

Institutionalizing change. Keeping the ball rolling either by continuing to work in this system, or helping the change spread to other systems.

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